Hard Knox

Jersey Requirements

Matching with Numbers

Updated Wednesday March 13, 2019 by KMSL Board.

Players and Team Representatives,


We would like to extend a friendly reminder from the referees and our board members that matching jerseys with unique numbers are required for our teams. From our General Rules:


2.5 Each team is required to have matching jerseys with printed numbers on them.

2.6 The home team is responsible for changing jersey if referee decides the team colors clash.


We (particularly the referees) have typically been very lenient with these requirements - team turnover and jersey lead times can definitely factor in to a team's ability to comply with these rules. Let's all do our best to make it easy on our referees as well as ourselves as players by wearing matching uniforms with permanent numbers.


KMSL Team Colors


Feel free to reach out to us at knoxsoccer@hotmail.com if you need additional resources to outfit your team.